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Introduction - tips and examples


Middle - tips and examples


Conclusion - tips and examples



bulletDon't use obvious phrases like "This book is about ..."  or "The book I am writing about is called ..."
bulletBegin with an interesting point about one aspect of the book, or your main belief about it.
bulletPerhaps ask the reader a question that leads them into the review.
You can begin with a statement about ...
bulleta character:
"Ed Kennedy, while not particularly stupid, is very human and spectacularly ordinary."
bulletthe author:
" Philip Pullman, author of the award-winning Northern Lights saga is a master at creating fantasy stories full of tension and sinister undertones."
bulletan event:
" When Molly climbs a tree to rescue her grandmother's vicious parrot, Pecker, she discovers a small possum hiding high up in the branches."
bulleta genre or theme:
"Not your normal ghost story this. No moanings or wailings, no sheet encased forms wafting through walls. Instead we have a cross between a ghost story and a detective story."
bulletan idea:
" The idea of the changeling - of a fairy child swapped for a human child in babyhood - is the basis of this diverting story directed at young teens."
bulleta question:
"What does an 11 year old boy know about murder, or survival or magic? Harry Potter had to find out about all three."



bulletDiscuss some of the aspects of the book that you have thought about in your notes.
bulletKeep any outline of the story very brief.  
bulletExpress your own reactions, opinions, feelings



Some middle bits from a review of ...
The Kite Runner, by Khlaed Hosseini
Reviewed by Ron Givens
Who magazine, 13 October 2003, p80
bullet"A happy child growing up in Afghanistan, Amir overcomes parental indifference and a shocking betrayal." (character and setting)
bullet"He narrowly escapes during the Soviet invasion of the 1980s to become a successful novelist in America..." (brief story outline)
bullet"Hosseini makes us understand why Amir has no choice but to risk his life.." (ideas)



bulletDon't use unnecessary phrases like "I think that ..."
bulletPerhaps make a recommendation about who would enjoy this book.
bulletRestate your main belief (contention), but don't repeat any details or evidence.

Here's some endings that ...
bulletmake a recommendation.
"If you love dogs and music, then this is the book for you."
bulletrestate an idea or belief.
" It makes the tragedy of Afghanistan even more profound."

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