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Before you start, make some notes on your opinions about the book.

Try thinking of your reader as a friend who wants to know what you think of the book.

Write only your own words and ideas so that your review will sound more honest and interesting. 

Ideas for your notes ....

The title

What does the title tell you about the book?
If you were choosing another title, what would you choose?

The author

Have you read anything else by the same author?
In what way is this book different, better, worse than their other books?

The characters

How do the characters change over time?
Choose a character that you like or dislike and talk about why he or she caught your attention.

The plot

Was it enthralling, amusing, tedious, convincing?
Don't bore your reader by telling the whole story. They'll want to read that for themselves.

The ideas

What was the message in the book?
Did the book make you think about anything in a new way?
Reviewing biographies   ....

Do you think that the writer has portrayed the subject honestly?
How has the writer affected you in telling the story of this person's life?

Reviewing graphic novels  ....

Is it a graphic novel or a comic book?
Does the book have a beginning, middle and end?
Do the characters develop? (eg become more evil, discover the value of loyalty)



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